Tuesday, October 27, 2009

'Tis Fall We Hail

Glowing amber be the sun such luminous array
As time beckons the closing of this day
A season of change within this moment now
Nature keeping its ever present vow
Brilliant gold, vibrant orange, ruby red leaves alight
Chilling winds and a distant sounding whistle to fill the night
The street lamp a halo upon my bedroom window
Shadows of branch, leaf, quiver and wake below
Sounding crickets call to this season's quest and quail
The moving rustle of gathered leaves 'tis Fall we hail
Dressed in lavish color each tree soon be bare
With leaf shed and bough and branch in Winter's knowing care.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Sunset, Photo, Courtesy of N9Xs.com

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  1. Oh how beautiful.....and I love the change of seasons........:-) Hugs

  2. Rose Marie,
    Beautiful words which bring out the wonderful colors of this season! Thank-you for sharing your gift.

  3. Lovely poem, Rose Marie
    And the photo is wonderful.
    I so love the fall season but it's looking like winter here now.


  4. Bernie, Each season has its special "HURRAH"- joy in the change. Much love, Rose Marie

  5. Mark, Yes, color our world - so be our call to the Creator in gratitude. Pleased that you have stopped by.

  6. Margie, Yes, further north most trees are in their winter garment - in my end of town presently trees are yet in Fall array. Pleased for your visit.

  7. Yes, so beautiful. And winter does care for us. Even tho' her temperatures are harsh, everything is at rest, recovering, preparing to come forth again in Spring. Winter incubates - sometimes we need to sit fallow.

  8. Bonnie, For those of us who have seen more than a season or two your words, "...sometimes we need to sit fallow" ring so ever true. Thank you for sharing this season of BEING.

  9. A beautiful description of the fall. This poem brought such joy because here I don't see those vibrant colors. Thanks for sharing. The picture is beautiful.

  10. Choices, Thank you. My son recently vacationed in Florida. He sent me photos of the sunsets outside of his seaside window. They were so magical that I felt present. So let me suggest you visit: "Luminous Majesty," "Sail I," "By the Sea," "Water's Lure". They are all October's posts. Now it is my turn to say thank you Florida for all of your "vibrant colors." So pleased you stopped by.

  11. i love this time of year...the flare of briliant beauty before the long nap of winter...beautifully put Rose Marie.

  12. Brian, Thank you and certainly I too enjoy "the flare." What came to mind was the metaphor of parallel universes - seasons - Earth's love affair, Spring - the meeting, the bond for creation, Summer - the fruits of creation, Fall - the hurrah, the harvest and Winter - the pause. And so we join the rituals of creation: Engagement - Marriage - Children - Grandchildren - and may it all have its special "flare."