Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tenderly Onto The Shore

Sounding gentle winds
Embracing waters
Ocean waves
Tenderly onto the shore
So like the lilting memory
Of our touch
This moment
This moment of summer love.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Ocean Wave, Photograph, Jim Smith,

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  1. Beautiful images Rose Marie, both the photo and the words. I was on the Mediterranean last week and it fit your word picture, but this week I'm on a freezing cold North Atlantic bay and I wouldn't relish being embraced by it. It does look a lot like your photograph though.

  2. Rose Marie, have you given thought to adding audio to your blog? A few chosen recording of your readings would be marvelous.

    I gaze at the photo above and hear the ocean and felt the caress of the wind, and remembrance of a brown eye boy. Thank you.

  3. The idea of waves like the touch of a "summer love" is really quite deep--they touch the shore & lapse back out to sea. Gorgeous photo, too.

  4. Beautiful and peaceful. I can just imagine sitting on the beach somewhere listening to the ocean waves, dipping my feet along the shore and admiring the beauty around me.

  5. Mari, Your travels and the connections to postings are indeed most enjoyable. Reverie, reflection, romance - so much the human condition - we live in moments, present, past and yet to be.. Thank you for including me within those moments.

    Rainbow, THAT'S IT! It was another "brown eye boy" many, many tides ago, that gave meaning to summer love and is the memory held in this image and in these words.

    Thank you for the suggestion. I thought with so much "noise" in cyberspace, I would keep my posts with the volume "off." I do participate in poetry readings and poetry performances, all of which have been well received. I will, upon your suggestion, reconsider and learn the "tech" so that it presents itself as an option.

    John, The memories of that summer love, many, many years past are as enduring as the tides. Yes, "... they touch the shore & lapse back out to sea."

    Choices, You are indeed the beauty you can imagine. I am right at your side, splashing the cool waters at my feet.

  6. This is a beautiful image, Rose Marie, and the "lilting memory" of summer loves it evokes sends us all back into reverie. The tide is an apt image for this emotion. Well done!

  7. Karen, It seems that this Summer Sunday , with its warm and inviting feel, has brought reverie into play - here at the water's edge and, at your end of town, "At the Teenage Center." Such blogging joy!

  8. Hi Rose Marie\

    I saw you over at "Choices" and came by to say hello. I love your blog space. The poem is lovely, powerful and sensual. I love the oceans force.

    Love Gail

  9. Gail, Thank you for visiting and introducing yourself. Stopped by your shores as well. It is always a gift when cyberspace brings one heartfelt message to another. Your descriptive words are most appreciated. I applaud your work and love the video posting of my favorite song! Happy to follow...

  10. Hi Rose Marie:)

    Lovely photo!

    Beautiful word pictures!

    Your words transport me to a wonderland of peace, calm and tranquility. Happy feelings,magical moments, soothing sound of the waves, cool breeze, flying sprays and an amazing , mysterious serenity of the deep wide ocean.

    To compare this lovely feeling to the momentary touch of summer love engulfs me with boundless joy and ecstasy.

    Amazing poem. I enjoyed it immensely.

    Have a lovely day Rose:)

  11. Dear Joseph, Your response is itself a poem. Thank you for the beautiful feelings conveyed. This evening is filled with heavy summer rain. The sound as I post this, a soft night tapping serenade, the window panes gently caressed by each rain drop. And so the romance of a summer day lingers on and fills the night with rain's tender touches of grace.

  12. beautiful words...the caress of the ocean, taking little bits of the sand and rock with it as it rolls away much like summer love. you have acaptured it so well.

  13. Brian, And as I read your comment, the depth of that summer love known newly awakens. Yes, "taking little bits of the sand and rock with it as it rolls away again.. Thank you for knowing.

  14. Oh Rose, you took me back to my first summer love — Paradise Cove in Malibu, his name was Steve. Blond-haired, blue-eyed Steve. I was thirteen, he fifteen and our innocence was witnessed by the ocean as we strolled the shore, hand-in-hand, under the moonlight. First love, summer love, has life ever been that innocent since?

  15. Rhonda, "First love, summer love, has life ever been that innocent since?" There is indeed an enduring magic in the warmth of a summer night, the feel of ocean air, and the touch of water onto the shore, as the wave of summer love crests within our soul. This a memory of a love that ever calls to itself.

  16. Yes, "enduring magic" and "a memory of a love that ever calls to itself" — you always find the words that resound in my heart.