Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Peace and prosperity, anguish and pain

The majesty of God, the veil of the inane
Look to this day with faith in thy heart
Love be the path, from despair do part
Streaming from earth and the heavens above
Enduring abundance and God’s complete love
No limitation upon thy spirit thy soul
One with God, One with goal.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Saint Patrick's Cathedral, NYC, New York, Photograph, PFR, Collectible Clicks©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2009.

The beautifully detailed architecture of St. Patrick's Cathedral
speaks glory to God and to the gifts man can devote to beauty and faith.

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    If I look to the image of the men such walls have hidden - I tremble and cower - no God of love can abide. His supposed chosen ones given mansions of garb and robe power and evil surr of love can abide. Marble floors and relics of false prayers - incense and hands that harm - lies and false promise - no God of love can abide. And so I long since have left such places as imaged above where no God of love can abide - and I found Him here, at my brook, in my husbands touch, in my Mom's loving blue eyes, in conversation with a friend - blowing bubbles with my grand child - in quiet prayer - in a storm - in Winter - in Summer - in Fall and Spring - in all these places it is where God and love abides.

    Loving you always

  2. Gail, I too, have come to see God in all the glory of our earth and all the beauty we share. I see the beauty and gifts of God in the creativity of the human spirit and in the expressive arts, be it painting, sculpture, architecture, dance, music, language, writing, poetry. Yes, and where love is God abides, in a touch, in a helping hand, in a smile, in the birth of a child, in the gifts of nature, bloom of a flower, a budding of a tree, all that embraces us, land, sky, ocean, sea, mountains, brooks, streams, in the very essence of life and each breath shared.

    With you ever with love and understanding,

    Rose Marie

  3. The church is a wonder. But I think God resides in all things, big and small. But it doesn't stop me from admiring what man can build in his name.

  4. Nancy, I hold gratitude for the gifts of life, spirit and nature expressed by reverence and beauty. Yes, Nancy, "God resides in all things, big and small."

    Thank you for being here,

    Rose Marie

  5. Love be the path, from despair do part...
    i really like that line...because it is so true.

    i agree God is in all things...many times we try to contain him in one place or another, or exclude him from some. sometimes seeing those that claim his love distorts out imagine of how big his love really is...

    grace and peace.

  6. So full of inspiration!
    Loved this poem, Rose Marie.

    I have to take a break from blogging and shall miss your poetry while I am gone.
    But I hope to be back sooner than later.

    I really am not supposed to be on the computer right now but I just wanted to say "bye" for now!

    Warm regards!
    Blessings to you!


  7. Very nicely written! I went to St Patricks Cathederal last year!

  8. Cathedrals built to the glory of God, rising to Heaven, spanning the distance symbolically for us.

    I do still come here and read but I don't comment as often as I should, dear friend. Will you settle for just, "Ah!" and "Oh!"?

  9. Karen, Every "Ah" and every "Oh" will be received with a "Sigh." Big Hugs to the new Grandma and her Juliet!

  10. Dear Rose Marie
    I am not supposed to be on my computer but I had to go on to send an email to my sister.
    When I saw your kind and caring comment to me today I just had to come by and say " thank you from the bottom of my heart"
    I will be in touch.

    A warm hug to you!


  11. I love how you share your prayer of peace and love with all of us...love the photo of the church and I will admit I begin and end my day with a prayer of appreciation to he who created me.......:-) Hugs

  12. And a Thank You to Brian, Margie, Otin, Bernie, We post, receive a follower, a response, and feel the power and love of "ONE" to "ONE." My eldest son took this photo knowing that I would appreciate the artistry and the symbolism of such adorned architecture. It is not about "religion" it is about man's pursuit of beauty and the joys of creation.

    All who post here are indeed a special "ONE" to me.

    With joy,

    Rose Marie

  13. I love this picture and the words you have written about it.
    I understand that churches are not popular with all folk, and my heart breaks for those of us who have been hurt by the evil which may have thrown on the a cloak of majesty... But for me, although I rarely attend any services these days, I can often smell the scent of decades of holiness in these places...
    I am often struck when I kneel on a floor where thousands have knelt before... struck by sacred ground.
    I'm not into reigious ceremony or 'church'... but sometimes... the buildings... I am moved by what they reflect. x