Thursday, August 20, 2009

WORDS words

WORDS words
Words for prayer words for play
For the faith and frolic of our day
For the politician's power quest
Words chosen thought to be best
Words that conjure thoughts of freedom, the held ideal
Words to affirm a continued and favored appeal
Words of the lovers passionate and sweet
To assure affectionate embraces when they do meet
Words to praise and hold gratitude true
Gems and jewels when bestowed upon you
The poet's game to choose words well
Passion, desire, sensibilities, emotion, where soul and heart dwell
The blogger reports, creates with many a word, many a phrase
Words to tell of intent, purpose and meaning of one's passing days
So blogger, you who visit and share time and a word, many or few
Know it is with pleasure I receive what you choose to do
And so we click and a virtual venture before us is laid
And with words, reflections and response, this game of life is played.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

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  1. I always envied Wordsworth's name! :-)

    Indeed, words are powerful entities. Well said!

  2. Your words have truly illustrated how vital words are to our existence. Well done!


  3. Hi Rose Marie-

    Ah, words. Yes, they tell a story, express truth, love and reason. They too can cause harm, funny how that is - and a word can hurt so much. One in particular? "Goodbye......". All in a word.

    Love to you

  4. Loved this, Rose Marie!
    Your words weave magic!
    Thank you!


  5. The power of language, and the magic of a few chosen words.

  6. Well, dear magical wordsmith I hope you will receive with pleasure a well deserved award from me today. You can read about your award on my blog.

  7. namaste _/|\_ ah, yes. words are objects which can be used for detriment or betterment. thank you for your beautiful prose on the power of words. i savor all forms of poetry.

    just started my blog, will be posting some haiku (my expressive form) soon.

  8. Bonnie, WHAT A SURPRISE!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I will visit. May this find you completely on the mend!

  9. Karen, Imagine all you create with only 26 letters of the English alphabet! We share a playpen!

    Kat, Knowing your love of words, I am pleased you visited today!

    Gail, Keeping our words honored by right intention, our way to go!!

    Rosaria, I once was asked if I could only utter one word what would it be - what magic would your word convey?

    Margie, Thanks - actually I really had fun with this one - a bit of word magic at play!

    Eema, WELCOME! thanks for your first visit and your decision to follow. Haiku holds a warm place in my heart. Each painting posted on is titled with a Haiku. In 2003, I had a major art show, 65 of my watercolors were featured in a one person exhibit. Each painting was accompanied by a corresponding Haiku that served as the title (theme) of the painting. This past Spring I had a similar show but with fewer paintings given the smaller exhibit space. Each exhibit was very well received. The presentation of painting and poetry continues to be a JOY!

  10. I had been thinking - for reasons I will not divulge - that oft times we use too many words or use them when they are not called for, but you have put the matter back into perspective. Thanks and well done you.

  11. Hello Rose Marie! Beautiful poem! With so many ways and whys for words...I ask myself sometimes, how on earth do I lack them these days? Actually I think my mind is quite overloaded with thoughts and the words are stuck, lol! Have a great weekend!

  12. Curiosity always the effect..."for reasons I will not divulge" what may they be I to ponder! Thank you for stopping by, I missed your visits and your discerning commentary.

  13. PS To Dave, would be pleased to be privy to "reasons." Above comment in response to your visit and post.

  14. Rain, the unspoken word in each of your posted photographs speaks volumes to the listening heart.