Thursday, August 27, 2009

Winds of Change

The ears deafened by the din of despair
The eyes blinded by the glare of illusion
The heart ravaged by the pain of betrayal
The soul hidden within the shattered self
Waves of destruction crest a sea of confusion
Life’s shores besieged by fear
Spirit summoned in the wake of the storm
Behold its calm resolve
The winds of change can now be heard
The distant shores now seen in the light of the rising sun
Rhythmic this heart with the cadence of the ocean tide
Undaunted now by the resounding ebb and flow
And the constant winds of change.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

A Dark Sky Over Sequoia National Park, Credit: D. Duriscoe, C. Duriscoe, R. Pilewski, & L. Pilewski, U.S. NPS Night Sky Program
Astronomy Picture of the Day, August 27, 2009

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  1. I love this poem Rose Marie. "life's shores beseiged by fear" - the source of so much oft unnecessary pain.

    It is clear that these lines come from someone who is not imagining what it is like, but who has been there and back . . . the bore into the heart.

  2. Hi ROse Marie-

    Oh my - I love the strength and passion of a storm and the subsiding panic and diminished fear as it calms. This photo and your words are again, a perfect blend - a blend that defines the journey from the darkness and chaos of painful betrayal to the light and freedom of joyous resolve - I know you know. oh how I know you know. I feel "one" with you.

    Love Gail

  3. Bonnie, Thank You, we who know - know. How welcomed the clearing after the storm has passed.

  4. Gail, YES, the storm known, the calm welcomed, the experience eternal. Love and blessings, Rose Marie

  5. Hi Rose Marie:)

    Beautifully written poem about the bogey of fear brought about by change and the magic that unfolds inexorably before us when we make a calm resolve to adapt to the change.

    Change is the only permanent thing in life. People who can't adapt to change will become extinct. Fear cripples our thoughts, paralyzes our movements. There is nothing to fear except fear itself. But if we move beyond the realm of fear, the possibilities of achievement are breathtaking.

    A wonderful poem with awesome word portraits.
    A treat to the eyes and soul.

    Have a lovely day Rose:)

  6. Dear Joseph, I quote you, "But if we move beyond the realm of fear, the possibilities of achievement are breathtaking." You have captured the elixir of life - abandon fear, live faith, and all potential becomes known.

    You are so deeply respected and appreciated for your discerning reflection, for the wisdom you share, for how open your heart is to the offerings of others and for the delight taken by your comments here and on other blog posts. You have made my journey into the world of blogging an added joy.
    Thank you.

    Rose Marie