Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Summer

The thirst of trees, grass and flowers
Answered by days of Summer showers
Wet leaves and blooms glisten in the sun
So fresh this day with God's work done
The feel of grass now new below my feet
A gentle wind blows with fragrance sweet
Fountain waters in libation flowing free
Heed I to the rippling water, a symphony
A rose in bloom my hand to hold
Sweet Summer musings I enfold.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Sweet Summer, Oil on canvas, 1912, John William Waterhouse, 1849-1917.

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  1. I'm in awe at the sheer number of poems you're are producing, each singularly specific and touching. Then, you pair these with beautiful pictures that support the themes. Fantastic.

  2. Thank you Rosaria, When I initiated APOGEE Poet, I proclaimed the intention to look to the daily offerings of life and share my gratitude. Thank you ever so much for your acknowledgment. It is sincerely appreciated. Feel the HUG carried your way via cyberspace.

  3. The joys of summer. A lovely picture. I can just imagine lying among the grass, flowers, and trees taking in the sweet summer days.

  4. Choices, I too took her place and basked in the delight of the day!