Monday, May 18, 2009

This Grandeur

Passion's pulse in command
Piano keys await your hand
Sounding this array of emotion
Fingers set in waves of motion
God, Truth, Power, Love and Grace
Known with each finger placed
Piano keys voice spirit’s calling plea
Presence, reflections, lyrical reverie
Gloria Patri be the praise, the claim
Held is this grandeur in your name.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Passion, Piano and the Poet's Pen

May 17, 2009
Valley Cottage, New York

Performance Extraordinaire

In Tribute to

Yashar Yaslowitz


With loving gratitude,

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Terpsichore, Muse of Music And Dance, ca. 1739, Oil on canvas, Jean-Marc Nattier, French, 1685-1766


  1. A most Celebrated Dialogue of the Muses.

    Music is the poetry of emotion
    And poetry is the voice of music.

    The works of Bach/Yaslowitz, Beethoven, Liszt, Cameron, Wagner/Liszt introduced by the original poetic works of Raccioppi did indeed create a memorable afternoon of
    Passion, Piano and the Poet's Pen.

  2. Yashar Yaslowitz is the Founder/Director of The Soiree Society of the Arts ( and a most extraordinary pianist. It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to have conceived of this program and to have it honored with such brilliant playing. BRAVO Yashar!

  3. when i read your work i feel like to write .
    thanks for this
    it is always beautiful...