Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Of Desire

Thought in a web spun of desire
The quest, the passion, life’s flaming threads and fire
Yielding this heart this yearning need
Guided by God’s Word and loving creed
And in the embrace of Creation’s call
The music, the art, the knowing, God’s gift to all.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

The Summoning of the Muse, 40” x 56,” Acrylic on Panel, 1993, A. Andrew Gonzalez,


  1. What a beautiful depiction . Again from the picture that spoke loud and clear. To the word's
    you wrote. The word's softened the power in the picture. Thank you for portraying it as God's gift. " Yielding this heart this yearning need."
    my favorite part.

  2. Yes, the painting is impressive with its dramatic strength and lyrical sensitivity and spirit - as is our play of emotions and desire.

  3. Such loveliness posted here today! My time has been so taxed lately. I've had little time to read, write or think a complete thought.

    Things should slow down the end of the month so I will have a post by then. I have two stories in the works.

    Good to hear from you Lady! I've got another birthday coming up! Can hardly wait to see what you post on that date!

  4. Good to hear from you too, and to know all is well. Keep in touch ... all good things in the making!