Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In Celebration

With love known and joy

And so with gratitude and praise to the beauty of the ever changing
My very first video in celebration of these gifts...

Rose Marie

To view on You Tube

YouTube - Firmament

Featuring original art, poetry by Rose Marie Raccioppi and Claude Debussy, Reverie for Cello performed by Julian Lloyd Webber
and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by James Judd.

Claude Debussy, Reverie, 1890, French composer, 1862-1918.


  1. how cool is that...love the music you picked as well...

  2. I am delighted to join this Ecstatic throng of lovers of both the Spoken Word and Wild Joy.
    Rose Marie, I enjoy your work here and in the video.
    I can be found @ www.stonespiritlodge.com and on Facebook at Wild Joy: The Ecstatic Poetry of Paul Goldman
    All LOVE & Blessings,

  3. Brian, I know you know this production has been a tenderly held vision. So pleased that you are here to share in my delight. Do pass on the link.

    Much love,

    Rose Marie

  4. Paul, What pleasure in our connecting. I most certainly appreciate your visit and your choice to 'follow'... feel and see my smile... Yes, "Wild Joy" it is!!

  5. Hi RoseMarie-

    I listened and watched, again - here. Oh my, it reveals even more second time. Lovely blend of all things beautiful - from it's beautiful creator.

    Love to you

  6. Gail, So pleased that you viewed it the second time. I thank you for your loving and supportive friendship. Creating "Firmament" has indeed been a labor of love, with ceaseless gratitude to Jonathan Bursell, whose tech 'know how' allowed my vision to be brought to completion. Do share/post in any way possible - want so very much to celebrate these moments of known beauty and gratitude,

    Much much love,
    Rose Marie