Friday, November 20, 2009

Winning Score

Beyond the bronze, silver and gold
Is a vision set a story told
Many an hour of practice and play
Marking time for an honored day
Yet within each moment the heart does shout
It is the NOW that it is all about
A journey, a path, a destined you
Marked by what you choose to do
Postpone not your victory and conquest
See it in each moment you do your best
A belief, a dream, a goal
With it your willing paid toll
And with triumph and the winning score
A new journey and one step more.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Panathenaic prize amphora, ca. 530 B.C. Attributed to the Euphiletos Painter Greek, Attic
Terracotta; H. 25 in. (62.23 cm) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Rogers Fund, 1914 (14.130.12),

One Step More, from THE WIND AND THE WILLOW, Rose Marie Raccioppi, June 2008,
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  1. smiles. inspirational rose marie...with a dash of wisdom mixed in. have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Brian, and I see you too have a posted "winner." More smiles...

  3. So true Rose Marie. While awards are wonderful acknowledgement - it is the vision, the choice, the effort, the discipline, the will - and ultimately seeing the accomplishment as part of a journey. Did I get it? :) Love and light to you dear one.

  4. Dear Bonnie, not only do you "get it." - you are it - a winner on all levels. Much love, Rose Marie


    Oh my, the moment of clarity in self knowledge that it is all just as it should be. The point in time where all one has suffered, celebrated, endured, desired, reached for, dreamed of, believed in, lost, gained - it is all just as it should have been. The purpose and miracle shine through the darkest hour of self doubt - enlightening, illuminating a truth that is so real one's veins surge, one's mind explodes, one's heart soars, one's spirit lifts high...and the relief is beyond imagine. Amen.Love to you my gracious and beautiful friend

  6. Dearest Gail, Your words are the very exuberance, that sense of the orgasmic, in all pursuit of SELF known, in body, mind, spirit and soul. Thank you for feeling what I perceive.

    Your love ever the victory!!

    Rose Marie

  7. this is my first visit. your poetry is very beautiful, very moving.

  8. Steve, Thank you and welcome to APOGEE Poet. I am so very pleased with our connection. We share more than one vista.

  9. Rose Marie, thank you for your kind note on my blog. I completely resonated with your website, We seem to have so many interests in common. Your being a sound therapist reminded me that I have two little books on sound I haven't read, one by John Beaulieu the other by Jonathan and Andi Goldman. I look forwrd to sharing more of our common interests with you.

  10. Steve, Read both books moons back. Studied with John Beaulieu at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science in the early early 80's. Where in NY do you live? I am here in Tappan, NY - now isn't this a great connection!!

  11. Hi Rose Marie,
    So inpirational! We have the power to choose! Beautiful!

  12. I think we're on the same path. I live on 3rd avenue and 32nd street. I've been going to the Integral Yoga Institute since the 70's. I've been teaching there for the past fifteen years.

  13. Anne, Thank you for all you choose to Be and share.

  14. Steve, We will have to plan some collaborative explorations.