Friday, September 4, 2009

With Paint and Brush

The essence, the sense, the impression

The gratitude, the celebration, the expression
A word, a gesture, a knowing glance
A readiness, a preparation, a positioned stance
To listen, to see, to feel, to be the need
And with paint and brush echo a creed
Cast upon the paper pristine and white
The sounds, the touch, the blessed delight.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Frames of Mind, Opus 5, Watercolor, Conceptual, Rose Marie Raccioppi,

For a larger view click on image

This painting is one of ten in a series called, Frames of Mind, Opus 1 through 10. Each painting in this series is an orchestration of moods, impressions from nature's glory, feelings, the frames of mind that bring forward our responses to life's offerings, be they calm, chaotic, flowing, bright, dark, clear or shadowed.

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  1. That essence, that breath of creativity and spirit captured in image and word. Beautiful!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Rose Marie.

  2. Rose Marie:

    Your talent has no bounds. How lucky we are that you spread it out so freely for us all to enjoy. Thank you.

  3. HI Rose Marie-

    Wonderful poem of determination and purpose - every sense and emotion is heightened and in full command. And the painting says to me that I am ready for anything - fully aware and ready. Your talents are endless to inspire - provoke - delight - and create.
    Love Gail

  4. Hi Rose Marie! I took some time gazing at your painting...I had to walk away and come back because my first impression is sadness! I don't know if that was your subject in this Opus...I think it's the top left hand corner (from my view) of the yellow with the white/red/grey whisps...looks like the side of a face that has been any case, it's really great!

  5. Karen, Thank You - each breath, the giving and the receiving and so our creative joy.

    Bonnie, It is such a gift to me to put my intention out to cyberspace and be blessed by your generous response. Thank You.

    Gail, Your comment is so aligned with my intent. Your words are themselves consistently poetic.

    Rain, Each frame has a host of sentiments. What ever it communicates to you is true for you. There is no "should be" only what you choose it to be. Thank you for allowing it your consideration. I appreciate your comment.