Saturday, August 8, 2009

This Questing Hand

Wherein lies this call, this command
What inspires this questing hand
The wavering cloud, the streaming light
Brush strokes to capture known delight
The firmament above
Nature's touch, godly love.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Frames of Mind, Opus 4, Watercolor, Conceptual, Rose Marie Raccioppi,

click on image for larger presentation

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  1. With your lyric phrasing and creative imagery, I come, I absorb, and I know I am starting my day on the right foot.

  2. Hi Rose Marie! That is such a beautiful watercolour ensemble! Hope you're having a great Saturday!

  3. Dearest Bonnie,

    We stand silently at each others side
    Nothing we need conceal, nothing to hide
    We speak and our words already known
    For all that life and time have shown
    A vision of beauty and peace within our heart
    From there each anew we to start
    Promise and pain, promise and pain
    The envisioned glory and the inane
    We reach to express in parts and wholes
    We grasp life's gifts and bear the tolls
    Your words, your post this very day
    Your visit, your comment, inspired souls at play.

  4. Hello Rain, Happy to know we each plan to have a great Saturday! Pleased that your visit was included.

  5. Good morning Rose Marie

    I see endless opportunities in the painting to embrace life as it unfolds and presents itself. I feel swallowed in the mirage of visions, dancing and swirling in the sprays of mood and command while allowing myself to gently give way to a stronger hand that pulls me through to the next vision of intent that waits for me to enter.
    Chaos and calm...........

    Love to you

  6. Gail, Your words, " embrace life as it unfolds and presents itself." Nine words to define the whole of our existence... the "why" behind the need for understanding, the reach for knowledge, the quest for TRUTH. Thank you for all you choose to BE.

  7. Hi Rose Marie-

    I feel so complimented by your comment to me. Who knew that life could be defined in nine words??!! :-) I am excited vy your poetry and paintings - they reach right into my truth and I am released instantly. Ah, the joy of surrender and freedom tapped when one is not even aware.

    Love and humble appreciation

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  9. Confessions...,

    So pleased for your visit - standing in your light...

    "and you
    the stars" - beautiful post

  10. Hello Rose Marie
    You are gifted!
    Gorgeous watercolor & your words are always!
    Thank you!