Friday, August 28, 2009

Ravage Not

Ravage not the land nor sea
Heed the echoed cry and plea
Heard in the crashing wave and thunderous sky
In valleys, plains and mountains high
Hold this Earth in reverent care
Protect our gifts of water and air
Take not in abuse a mineral or gem
Behold the wonder of each bloom, leaf and stem
Trees to flourish, 'tis bounty's call
The knowing grace of Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Earth, animals, a you, a me
Nurture wise and abundance be.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

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  1. Rose Marie: Such reverent love for our planet. I hope you have another book in the works for all these poems you so kindly share with us.

  2. Bonnie, Thank you for your encouragement for another poetry publication. My present publisher is awaiting sales response to the newly released hardcover edition of, "The Wind and the Willow." Publication is very much a numbers game. I am looking forward to the hardcover edition sales as a "gift" item. I plan additionally to offer a signed copy of any poem within the book that one selects, suitable for framing, upon purchase of the book. Thanks ever so much for your friendship. You have brought much joy to my blogging venture. Best always, Rose Marie

  3. Lovely words, Rose Marie!
    We all need to have such appreciation of Mother Earth as you do!
    Thank you!


  4. Dear Margie, The closer I allow myself to be with the natural wonders of Mother Earth, the more appreciative I am of its beauty and its need for our respect, our care and our gratitude. Mother Earth is the living womb for all of humanity. Thank You for acknowledging my plea. Blessings, Rose Marie

  5. I love your words, I read this aloud and heard the words vibrate in the air and heard the wonder of all life.

  6. Mark, I was totally embraced by a feeling of a knowing spirit, as your words in response to, "Ravage Not," were read. I too, Thank You for your deep reverence for humanity and the understanding and support you provide to the many questing seekers.

  7. Hi Rose Marie-
    Such beautiful words - serious words too as they command respect of all living things - of this earth - this land - this life - and the planet we inhabit. It is our gift to live - it is our honor to partake - it is our responsibility to take only what we need and to give back ten fold - your poem gently and yet loudly reminds us that we all must heed.....

    Love Gail

  8. Thanks Gail, Your comment is so much the spirit of my poem. Your words are calls for our understanding, our gratitude and our care.


    Rose Marie

  9. Yes! Here here! I ache to see the "pillaging" attitude shown by humanity. Great poem!

  10. Thanks Rain. I know your love of nature and have come to enjoy all your expressions of appreciating its wonder and its gifts.