Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keys and Strings

Keys and strings
The splendor of sound
Heart and spirit ever to resound
Blessed be the muse, the music sublime
Creation's call known in sounding divine
Heard be the winds and the rolling waves of sea
Tender the touch, deep passion in mounting plea
Bloom and petals alight in frivolity play
To the awakened reverie I do pray
Lilting sentiments resonant and real
The muse, the music, the soul to reveal.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate

In Dedication and in Tribute

Lauren Weaver
Yashar Yaslowitz

Performance Extraordinaire
August 15, 2009

Johann Sebastian Bach
Gabriel Faure
Bela Bartok
Ludwig van Beethoven
Johannes Brahms

Soiree Society of the Arts
Carnegie Room Concerts
Nyack, New York

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  1. When I hear (some) music, I feel the passion of the singer, but when I used to play music, I felt like I was baring my soul. Thank you for this beautiful poem Rose Marie! :)

  2. Rain, Last night's performance was captivating. The feeling of the music continues to be present, filling this day with a lilting lightness. "... but when I used to play music, I felt like I was baring my soul." - yes, you were the music!

  3. Hi Rose Marie
    I SO love how you blend music and poem and images and colors to such perfection - passionate and powerful blended perfection. Together these touch every sensau part of me. Also, as a musician, - I play the drums and a creator of passionate blended sound with my husband - as he is a most wonderful pianist, singer - song writer and guitarist imaginable - I feel so deeply your words and images as the blend with my own truths - and to think that for yhears I hid my truth - believing if I surrendered to it I would surely die - ah! I came to life - free and alive and in the light - and meeitng you and appreciating you and feeling you are amongst my latest gifts made possible to receive because I journeyed to self. AMazing huh?

    Love to you and your blended beauty and passion. You ae a celebration in every sense of the word. If I may, I will try to go letter forletter in the word -

    C - comfort
    E - eclectic
    L - love
    E - energy
    B - beautiful
    R - reverie
    A - able
    T - truth
    E - endless

    How did I do? :-)

    Love Gail

  4. A lovely evocation of music & both the inspiration of playing & listening.

  5. It's wonderful, really, how many ways the soul has of outing itself, and the way the events of our lives - I assume this was inspired by the concert you mentioned to Rain - can be transformed into art.

  6. Gail, WOW! In answer to "How did I do? :-)" You have added such a dynamic post script! Thank you - indeed "Amazing" and now this hour to CELEBRATE all your spirit and shared love.

  7. John, Music is a shared fare this Sunday. Pleased for our music inspired exchange. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Mairi, "It's wonderful, really, how many ways the soul has of outing itself..." Indeed a reflection of all your inspired writings. I take delight in our shared ventures.

  9. I always enjoy your poems on music (perhaps because I feel I can relate to them). This is beautiful as usual.

  10. Rose Marie:

    Perhaps I am the only one who doesn't know, but twice while reading your poem I wondered about the etymology of the words muse and music . . . Do they come from the same root? So many things seem obvious ONCE you notice them - but so many lay waiting for me to finally notice!! That's the delight of blogs such as yours - they help me awaken to such a variety of delights.

  11. Ashley, I always appreciate your visits and pleased that my joy in music is conveyed.

    Bonnie, Yes - muse - music - museum - all from same Greek root. Ancient Greek Μοῦσα

  12. Lovely images - the wind, the sea, the were truly inspired by this beautiful music. Your muse, in this case.

  13. Karen, The music was so vibrant, so alive with feelings. Such splendor of sound transported me onto fields of blooms and petals alight, carried by the wind and touched by the cresting waves of sea. Even in this moment I hear the music's call to beauty.