Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In This Hour of Sunset

No earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings need she bear
Yet fully adorned and crowned in God’s loving care
Free of shackles and constraint of body and soul
Within all treasures and a found goal
She honors life in all its glory
Each moment now a complete story
And when she records with pen a line
Awakened and felt is the sublime
Who pray tell is she
She is the I introduced to the me
And in this moment of quiet reflection
She sees all of nature in full perfection
The warmth of the summer setting sun her hand does feel
And what is so distant is now and real
No greater or lesser can this presence be
The I known here, now, in this moment to me
The deep breath of Being in great abound
In this hour of sunset the I has found.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Sunset 1830-5, Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1775 - 1851.

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  1. Hi Rose Marie:)

    This is an amazing poem not only for the grand presentation with vivid pictures of beauty but also for the meaning it conveys.

    All along I have been taught in the commercial world to ignore the I and concentrate on the WE. Use less of I and more of WE to get cooperation,goodwill and excel when we work as a group.

    Here you are teaching me something more sublime, more divine , more spiritual and more long lasting. Your elaboration of the I and ME takes me to a different realm of thinking.

    I believe that your I represents the divinity within us. Although it has come into this world along with the physical body, the I knows it has come from God, our Creator. This presence on the earth is only temporary and transient. The I knows that the only purpose on this earth is to glorify God and sing HIS praises. It is contented, happy, satisfied, fulfilled and all the beauty lies within it. This I doesn’t crave for external things for adornment and satisfaction.

    On the other hand the Me represents the physical body itself with all its earthly feelings, attachments and greed for amassing wealth in terms of money, gold and property. Me is never satisfied and wants more and more of everything in life. The ME cannot appreciate the beauty all around unless the physical body is well dressed and adorned with all the gorgeous ornaments.

    Most of the times ME can strangulate and muffle the I. Only in quiet moments we come to realize the I and we feel free, happy, transcend the boundaries and shackles of worldly attachments and we soar weightless towards the sky and heaven.

    Well, Rose, I am trying to understand your fantastic poem. I may be wrong in my interpretation. Since you are the author of this magnificent picturesque poem with abounding spiritual content, you can always correct me. I know I am not poetically endowed but I think I can appreciate a good poem.

    The photo you have posted is gorgeous and awe inspiring.

    Have a wonderful day Rose:)

  2. Rose Marie: And what an "I" it is - as glorious as the sunset it praises.

  3. Hi Rose Marie-

    Oh such a profound deep picture to surround your amazing poem of truth. As the "I" comes tolight so is the truth of "me
    realized - and the "i/Me" needs no glitter or sparkle for it, in of itself is light because it is real, true and long deserved. It is as assured as the burning sunset. And when I first met me and ad a moment with my true self it was so loud I moaned like I was giving birth - perhaps because I was. I love the truth of your poetry and I love that you know.

    Love Gail

  4. Dear Rose Marie
    I have read this truly beautiful poem a few times and I just have to say, "YOU are such an inspiration!"
    I felt such a joy in my heart while reading your poem!

    Your first lines...
    No earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings need she bear
    Yet fully adorned and crowned in God's loving care
    touched me so very deeply!

    I think of this quote...
    You are not obliged to put on evening clothes to meet God. -Austin O' Malley

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem!
    I truly do appreciate it!


  5. I come here to feel touched by the Divine. You never disappoint.

  6. Your use of words is amazing! Yes, to be found, is to simply "be".

  7. Rose Marie,
    This poem is such an inspiration. The beauty of finding Me. It can't get any better than that. Beautiful!

  8. To each and all this day, Your thoughtful responses, kind words and praise all bear my deepest gratitude.

    Joseph, Your sensitive insights are received with great joy and bring deep meaning to my intent. Thank You.

    Bonnie, Our exchange is treasured.

    Gail, We each heed the knowing call of Spirit!

    Margie, I am indeed touched by the ardor you express.

    Rosaria, What a warmhearted statement! Thank you.

    Mark, Our posts seek to convey our learned and known truths. You are deeply appreciated for all you offer.

    Choices, A seeker is bound to discover. This too, a journey we share.