Friday, July 10, 2009

Weathered Mighty Oak

Deep rooted and held
Your branches like arms reach out
From the heart and depths of earth
Weathered mighty oak
Of many known moons
Healed from the wounds
Of harsh seasons past
Strong, deliberate
Confident in your determined pose
Enfolding the winds and light
Of this noon hour
Weathered mighty oak.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

A Study of an Oak Tree, c. 1638, Black chalk, pen and brown ink with gray-brown wash on white paper,
Claude Lorrain, 1600-1682, British Museum.

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  1. maybe one day I can be this 'mighty oak'...long way to go for me still :(

  2. I feel the strength of life in your poem. The tree is a true symbol of how how our lives come to be.

  3. really have a knack for choosing the best word! A friend of mine said that she felt like a bent-over sappling recently, but that now she stand tall and strong as a an old tree in the forest! I thought that was an interesting image! :)

  4. Star, we each are in our own season of change.

    Choices, Yes, the tree is a most fitting metaphor.

    Rain, Well there you have it... I would venture to say that every tree, every plant, every flower, every herb, can be likened to our mood, our sense of self, the core of our consciousness, this the very basis of Bach Flower Remedies, Homeopathy and Herbology.

  5. "Strong, deliberate, confident" - descriptors of a mighty oak indeed. I love that he bears the scars of those seasons past, just as we...

  6. Karen, the mighty oak in my back yard is very much the oak of this poem - and so very much Rose Marie's story - but you knew that didn't you... Ah my friend, "and revealing myself one poem at a time."