Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Tree That Once Was

Sitting upon a tree that once was
Looking to the pink and gray capped clouds
Seeing shades of green in trees of many moons
Watching the sway of young bamboo
Hearing the flowing pond
And the sound of children at play
So gentle is the wind
And cool is this evening new
Sitting upon a tree that once was.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Photo, Weathered Wood Bench, courtesy of:

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  1. It seems we're on the same track again, Rose Marie. The details of this poem could be Part I to the Part II of most recent posting. You capture the early evening, while I capture the darkening moments. These lines of connection I have noticed in our community - a psychic or spiritual affinity that sometimes leads to symbiosis (in a good way).

  2. This beautifully captures the sort of moment that we all treasure.

  3. Wonderful Rose Marie!!! Trees not only give us the beauty of being able to look at them, smell them, touch them and feel them...they continue to help us by offering shelter and comfort! Oh I love this post!

  4. Perfect match of picture and words, sentiments supporting visuals and vice-versa. Lovely.

  5. Karen, "same track" indeed!

    Choices, "peaceful" is an apt description of how I felt.

    Dave, Yes, these are the moments that are treasured - the gems of time.

    Rain, You picked up on the gratitude that filled those moments. I have oak floors. As I walk upon their beautiful grain, I acknowledge , "the tree that once was."

    Lakeviewer, Rosaria, Pleased that my intention was realized.

  6. Thank you to each of you for your visit and your most pleasing comments.