Friday, July 17, 2009

Moons and Jupiter

Galilean moons of Jupiter, Earth's moon, a star
The troves, the treasures of visions vast afar
Majestic be the wavering rising pulse of light
A jeweled dawning held this summer night.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Moons and Jupiter, Astronomy Picture of the Day, July 14, 2009, Credit: Anne Riou,

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  1. Oh how funny. I just finished posting, went outside on my porch, looked up at the moon, came back to read my favorite blogs, and here's your poem. Thank you.

  2. You must get a lot of inspiration from nature, and the sky above. Happy thoughts.

  3. Beautiful. It is so lovely to come to your blog. I enjoy how your pictures reflect your poems.

  4. Here Under the Rainbow and each in the embrace of the moon's light - such heavenly pleasures we share.

    Bonnie, thank you, your visits are so very appreciated.

    Rosaria, Nature provides such pure joy... the sky, unconditional love - sameself sky for me as for kings and queens!

    Choices, Your expressed pleasure most certainly pleases me. It is gatifying to know that my intent to complement image with words is fulfilled.

  5. Wonderful Rose Marie! Summer nights, clear evening skies filled with moons and stars....I love the imagery that your words brought to mind! Even though it's pouring rain as I read it and there isn't a star in sight, lol!

  6. Rain, Clear Summer nights seem to bring a special magic, especially if moon lit. Thank you for stopping by in between the rain drops!