Thursday, July 2, 2009

In The Mirror

In the mirror my image in reflection
Is what I see real or is it illusion and deception
What am I yet blinded to see
That lies in secret depths within me
What word now upon my soul be a darkening veil
When it is resolve and faith I justly hail
Taunts, taunts, no longer to hold domain
Healed be this heart, I longingly proclaim.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Mariana in the South,1897, Oil on canvas, John William Waterhouse, British Painter, 1849-1917.

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  1. Very pertinent, universal questions here if one only examines closely enough to know. "Is what I see real or is it illusion and deception?" "What am I yet blined to see/That lies in secret depths within me?" "What word now upon my sould be a darkening veil?"

    The resolve is wonderful -- absolution and redemption.

  2. The mirrors reflection tells all. Wonderfully expressed.

  3. I apologize for the early morning typos -- that's the actual time of posting this comment -- before the caffeine kicked in!

  4. Karen, "...if one only examines closely enough to know." And so I have. It has been a journey of awareness-confront-resolve-freedom. We are our own liberators.

    Choices, thanks for following. I appreciate the exchange.

    Lakeviewer, Yes, and sometimes led away from confronting truth.

    Thanks to all for taking time to reflect.

  5. I especially like this poem Rose Marie. I've been lifting personal veil after veil off of myself over the last few years...I feel certain that the last veil will be lifted very shortly!

  6. Rain, Each veil lifted and so clarity and Truth be known. We sculpt our own choices. It is in celebration that we are the unveiling.