Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Graceful Bow and Sway

Bamboo in graceful bow and sway
Holding the sun’s light in brilliant verdant array
Dancing shadows of supple canes I to behold
Among the lithe and lush leaves touches of gold
A late afternoon, gifts of an early summer day
The wind, the robin’s song and bamboo canes at play.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Summer Bamboo, Ink on paper, 1350, Wu Chen, 1280-1354.

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  1. Ah, yes...to behold "The wind, the robin's song and bamboo canes at play." What a gorgeous image!

  2. Such a beautiful day has just been described here. what a joy!

  3. Karen, Shall we skip together?

    Choices, when blessed by such a day, as with fine wine, savor and revel in its full flavor.

  4. Hi Rose Marie:)

    You have painted a beautiful word picture. The scenery you have drawn is alluring and captivating.

    The fact remains how many of us engaged in the daily struggle for existence and survival are capable of enjoying this wonderful scenery you have made come alive with your enchanting words?
    Forget about enjoying, do we notice it all?

    Herein steps your magnificent poetry. You make us sit up and imagine the beauty all around us. And we are able to see with our inner eye the magnificent beauty that magically unfolds before us.

    Kudos to you for this amazing poem.

    Have a wonderful day Rose:)

  5. Dearest Joseph, I feel your warmth, your aspiring and ever present soaring of Spirit, in your blog offerings and in the tenor of your comments. I am deeply appreciative of your visits and generosity of praise.

  6. Can't Resist - Posted, and so here too, be said:

    OK Here is the deal Karen -

    I'll skip along
    the tracks with you
    and sing the whistle song,
    and you dear friend frolic
    in my garden green
    as afternoon winds
    move along
    And we shall know
    ever in our heart
    that is takes
    but a knowing,
    a moment of light,
    for friendship
    to have its start.


    Rose Marie