Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Floral Aurora Corona

Such beauty the heavens enfold
Pulsing light brilliant and bold
Luminous green and violet in majestic array
A solar wind stream at creation's play
Sweeping hues of ephemeral splendor
To the will of beauty my soul surrender.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Astronomy Picture of the Day, 7/28/2009, A Floral Aurora Corona, Credit & Copyright: Zoltan Kenwell

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  1. "To the will of beauty my soul surrender."

    I feel this way with music, with nature. Why, you do not have a choice. You are moved to surrender. Your will is not your own. Thank you for always moving us with your wise women ways.

  2. Such beauty and very moving.

  3. "To the will of beauty my soul surrender."

    Words to live by.

  4. That's a wonderful description of how I feel when I see colour in the sky! I have yet to see the Northern Lights, hope to catch them this winter! :)

  5. Hi rose Marie

    "............a solar wind stream at creation's play".. Oh my, such passion in that line as it emerges from the colors and power in the words before. I am drawn in, allowing myself to unfold, love coming together in harmony and intent. I trust, I am relieved, I am safe.
    Beautiful poetry Rose Marie.

    Love ad admration

    P.S. I left you another comment on your previous post/poem.

  6. Your poem makes me truly appreciate the true beauty of the starry heavens!
    The colors in your photo are incredible!
    Just lovely!


  7. Rainbow, I too, am taken by the beauty of nature, sound and light. And so "Here Under the Rainbow" is a most magical abode.

    Choices, I appreciate your sensitive response. Thank you.

    Rhonda, You do most assuredly allow beauty to have its rightful place - your blog most reflective of beauty's call.

    Rain, I can just imagine how magical your photos of the Northern Lights will be. Put me on your list to be among the first to see!

    Gail, "...allowing myself to unfold..." - this a supreme gift to Self - a testimony to your faith and love. Thank you.

    Margie, And so too, to "...truly appreciate the true beauty..." within you.