Saturday, July 11, 2009

Daunting Echoes

Vanquish this dissonance
Hush this cacophony upon soul
Love's call though silent
Resounds with longing
Love's call though silent
Echoes a lament
Within this stillness
The call of what once was
Within this emptiness
The fullness of despair
Daunting echoes
Too long have you reigned
Silenced be your sovereignty.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Study of Guinevere for Sir Lancelot in the Queen's Chamber, 1857, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, British, 1828 - 1882.

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  1. Coming on the heels of your last comment on my blog, this takes on a different meaning for me. Love's silent lament, cacaphonous and dissonant...and sad. I feel it.

  2. Well, I'll take a stab at this one ;)so here goes and I could be way off target, but oh well...

    Perfect choice of artwork for this poem because the woman in the piece holds her hand exactly where ,for me at least, I feel bottled up emotional pain and agony, right in the pit of my throat. "Too long have you reigned
    Silenced be your sovereignty" Yes, this describes me but I sometimes feel it's my destiny...

  3. The words in this poem exhibit such emotion and the woman in the picture holding her hand on her throat adds to the strong emotional feeling shown. powerful.

  4. Daunting Echoes have had to be silenced...

    Thank you Karen, Kat Eyes and Choices for your expressed reflections.