Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where Does The Pain Go - 9/11

Where does the pain go
When no longer can you take hold
When the fires devour hope
When the moment claims life

Where does the pain go
When man annihilates man
When terror rules reason and heart
When the unspeakable defies God’s name

Where does the pain go
When the innocence is lost
When suspicion and fear hover
When trust is betrayed

Where does the pain go
When a life is saved
When love holds a memory
When grace touches the tearful heart

Where does the pain go
When spirit and soul awaken faith
When destiny abides in God’s light
When the silence offers guidance

Where does the pain go
When determination and resolve assemble
When purpose and plan are set forth
When in the name of God, life, beauty and love are called.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

In Dedication to The Human Spirit

Music by Michael V. Ficocelli

A Tribute to the Production of

Little Fig Stage

Music, Song and Dance
May 16 -17, 2009

Westchester based Theatre Company Little Fig Stage will be presenting “The Music of Hope,” a benefit concert for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids on May 16th at 8pm and May 17th at 3pm
Off-Broadway at The Players Theatre in Manhattan.

An absolutely brilliant production of "Where Does the Pain Go," deeply expressive music, magnificently sung, choreographed with a beautifully sensitive dance. One of the many outstanding "Songs of Hope," presented by Little Fig Stage. BRAVO!!

Thank you for a most memorable evening , one of seeing my words, feeling their meaning, hearing them sung, seeing them danced.

Where Does the Pain Go, Watercolor, Etched Glass, Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2001


  1. Wish I could have attended this event. Bravo Lady! Well done indeed!

  2. And thanks to you for the "Bravo Lady." I am so thrilled with what heartfelt poetry has brought back into my life - the theater in me - alive and present.