Monday, May 25, 2009

This Reverie

What lament, what memory need I find

Within this pensive pause of mind
What query am I to dismiss in this moment now
This heart to live love's vow
Echoes of heart I hear from deep within
And gone the despair, the daunting din
Songbirds call and knowing is my heart
From this reverie I shall not depart
Lilting moments in sweet sounding plea
Make my beloved ever known to me.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

As I listen to
Franz Joseph Haydn
Andante and Variations in f minor HOB.17/6

This Reverie/Ashante, Rose Marie Raccioppi, Watercolor, 2000,


  1. I was just here at my blog and saw your post come up, and that striking image... I love the power of the final line, "make my beloved ever known to me." I can imagine the music inspiring that call.

  2. As with yourself Dear Rene, words paint colors - colors speak form, spark sensibilities, and call to the muses - and the music is known... Thank you for visiting.

  3. Both the painting and the poetry are lovely. Your abilities - such a beautiful gift.

  4. Thank you Karen - one inspires the other. I am so very appreciative of having this connection with you. Life is good!