Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Memorial Day Tribute, May 25, 2009 In Honor of Lt. Col. Michael L. Murphy, USMC

Dedication of Murphy Court


A loss, an honor, bittersweet so true
For the life of a son is ever love to you
Memories of younger days shared in joy
Be it a favored game or a treasured toy
Wife and children so blessed was he
In their souls he shall ever be
A life in dedicated service he did give
A son in honor and love shall ever live.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Lt. Col. Michael L. Murphy, USMC was killed on the night of Dec. 11, 2000
along with three other brave Marine Warriors
while test piloting the MV22 Osprey Helicopter.


  1. How very sad - as the mother of a son, I can only relate to the boundless love. This is a loss I hope I never know. My regards to the family, and to you - such a beautiful poem.

  2. Thank you Jen - I look forward to visiting with you as well. Your sentiments are deeply appreciated.