Saturday, May 23, 2009


The speaker calls for the listener
The writer calls for the reader
The performer calls for the audience
The artist calls for the soul
And the child calls and calls
What is heard
What is now known
What do we yet trust
And the child calls and calls
What do we answer
What do we do
What do we plan
What do we yet dream
And the child calls and calls.

Rose Marie Racciopi

Calls, Rose Marie Raccioppi, THE WIND AND THE WILLOW, Publish America, 2008.

Baby at Play, 1876, oil on canvas, Thomas Eakins, American, 1844 -1916, John Hay Whitney Collection.


  1. Oh, that brought tears. A child's calls need to be heard and answered. Where is the mother?

  2. YES, indeed a child's call needs to be heard - as an educational therapist I come across many children who are not "heard" - not understood for their particular needs, their particular fears, doubts, longings, pain, hopes, visions and dreams. This is a plea - thank you for caring.

  3. Beautiful. It brought tears to my eye's as well. To me a child is God's most precious gift.

  4. And Dear Joanne, the child we were born to and the shadowed child we may be, "calls" for the light of God, the reach of mankind and the love that defines our humanity. This is our awakening - let the "calls" of our hearts and souls be known to ourselves in light and grace.