Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bloom Sublime

The entrancing hues of a purple night
Bathed in the passion of this day's light
Petals, leaf and stem in green entwine
Such be the beauty and grace of Iris bloom sublime.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Bloom Sublime, Iris Photograph, Collectible Clicks©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2009.


  1. Sublime is exactly the right word, I think.

  2. I love "a purple night" and "petals, leaf and stem in green..." wonderful! I have always loved an iris. :)

  3. A flower, yes Dave, sublime is a fitting word. Delicate, bold in color, fully in the moment, a transcendent beauty that awakens sensibilities.

    Rene, Petals of deep purple touched with indigo - the pursuit of the night be known... its journey to light.

  4. Sublime, indeed, "Bathed in the passion of this day's light"! Gorgeous!

    I must ask, did you photoshop this picture, or are these particular irises that intense in color? Either way, they're lovely.

  5. Karen, that is what I found to be almost unbelievable, they are that very color - no photoshop enhancement... only nature's perfection.

  6. Reminds me Kilmer's line from Trees:
    "Only God can make a tree."