Thursday, September 12, 2019

And so the Pain, and so the QUESTING for PEACE, the call of our PULSING HEARTS

On this day of September 11, 2019

“And so the Pain, and so the QUESTING for PEACE, the call of our PULSING HEARTS 

Here gathered we pause to remember, to grieve with families and friends of those who were victims of a merciless attack, and to honor the heroes, the first responders of the day, 
and each day since, who have suffered the pain, and loss of life,  from the devastating effects of toxins 
upon lungs, heart and BEING.

With prayer and blessings, today 18 years since the day of tragic loss, the human spirit prevails.. and yet we ask..

Where does the pain go
When man annihilates man
When terror rules reason and heart
When the unspeakable defies God’s name.

This the lament, the cry, the ever present echo of 9/11

Tears, heartache, shock, beyond all conceal
For the pain, the horrors, remain real
Time alone does not ease the grief, the pain
For the inward scars of loss long long remain
Deep within, a blessed wise, to hold, to embrace
Memory of our loved ones within heart we place
Tales of responders, heroic be each deed
Humanity and care, held as a living creed

And we ask anew

Where does the pain go
When a life is saved
When love holds a memory
When grace touches the tearful heart

Where does the pain go
When spirit and soul awaken faith
When destiny abides in God’s light
When the silence offers guidance

Where does the pain go
When determination and resolve assemble
When purpose and plan are set forth
When in the name of God, life, beauty and love are called .

And so we gather

In dedication, in honor, and with everlasting love
The souls that dwell within the heavens above.
And in praise, hear we the sounding call of each name
The dreams, the visions held, let us proclaim
In our hearts grant each their completed goals
PEACE onto our pulsing hearts and departed souls.

Thank You.
Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Orangetown, New York

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