Sunday, November 21, 2010

a guest joins me this day... Leaves by Grace Boyle

Leaves I gathered this very day
Seven leaves in the sun did play
And onto the paper they be
There for me to see.

Grace Boyle
seven years of age

and together we did say

Upon the ground so quiet they lay
The winds calmed at this hour of the day
A blanket of rustic charm covers the ground
If not touched there be not a sound
Underfoot I can hear them sing
A refrain of crackle, crackle, they do bring.

Rose Marie and Grace

Leaves, Grace Boyle, image: Grace and Rose Marie, 2010.


Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

It was a sun filled noon hour. Grace gathered leaves that were appealing to her. She selected seven of those leaves and arranged them to her liking. First, the gathering of leaves, then the gathering of words, followed by broad smiles of satisfaction and a joyful sharing with her Dad. Upon arrival home, Mom will share in Grace's prideful joy.

Great going Grace!!

Gail said...


I love the selection of leaves and how perfectly they are arranged. Beautiful. :-)

Love to you both

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Dear Gail,

I will show Grace your note. I am sure she will smile just as I did upon receiving it. Thank you for me and thank you for Grace. When we have our next session we will be sure to post a note back to you from Grace.

Much love to you,
Rose Marie

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Dear Gail,

My name is Grace. I am in 2nd grade. I am in level K in reading. This is a 3rd grade level. Thank you for liking my poem and leaves. I picked the leaves by myself. I liked how they looked. The colors are beautiful. I like to write poems. It is fun to write poems with Rose Marie.

Have a nice day.

From Grace Boyle.