Sunday, November 21, 2010

...look I to... The Sky Above

a Sunday morning with skies so fair
the barren Dogwood dressed
anew in the light of God's care
the towering Oak leaves yet
in red rustic array
holding the glory of
sun's glow this day
upon the ground
a blanket of leaves
of colors yet bright
they too dressed
in the splendor
of this day's light
and I look to the beauty
of the lambent sky above
feel I the embrace
of God's heavenly love.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Firmament, Watercolor, Skyscapes, Rose Marie Raccioppi,


  1. Wishing all who visit today a most glorious day.

  2. Thank you Joey, Appreciate your comment, I do. I visited your blog. Enjoyed your words as well. Good stuff going on!!

    Rose Marie

    "To be assured you did not miss goes. Ah, Yes, Indeed... be it true my blog friend...dispel all wisdom speaks ...

    "But it does burn deep inside you.
    Most times, the only friend to guide you.
    It listens, and makes you talk back.
    Filters your senses, pushing you back on track.
    You need no affirmation.
    Only self adaptation.
    When the voice inside you fails to love and guide you,
    Release the headaches of self doubt.
    Let you figure you out.
    Because when those in which you’ve confided all depart,
    You are the one left with aspirations.....
    Of the calling you failed to start."

    and so an added word from RMR: is that inner flame afire
    that defines passion and desire
    it is that inner drive and will
    even when hushed be not still...

    Thanks for visiting.

    Rose Marie