Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Laden With The Night Rain

From trees young, towering, mighty and tall
The spoils of time, the gifts of Fall
Rains and south winds yesternight
A sky of gray holding to this noon day light
Each fallen leaf laden with the night rain
Their wind swept flight put to tame
A brimming blanket of leaves upon the ground
Quiet they lay, gone their rustling sound
Soft be this bedding of leaves from branch and bough
The winds of Autumn true to splendor and this season's vow.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

photo: Kyrie Eleison


  1. Oh Rose Marie:) You paint like a master artist these words onto this screen and I forget that I am reading as you transcend me into the experience of feeling and seeing those rain laden leaves:) thank you

  2. Dear Barbara,

    Thank you for such generosity of heart. As too, your words expressed speak to the beauty you behold. Thank You for being here. And when you choose to follow, you will indeed be joyfully welcomed.

  3. Ah... Yes,

    This blissful desire to bring to word
    All to behold what a heart has heard
    Words of visions, beauty and splendor
    To which life and soul shall surrender
    And 'tis joyful gratitude we to feel
    Moments we share with love ever real.

    Rose Marie

  4. Rose beloved friend. You're a real rose in my garden for I can smell this fragrance whenever I get closer to you. Blessings, thousand blessings dear friend.

  5. Guthema, Such generous words brought my way, Thank You. And I in gratitude for all you choose to be, for all the beauty known and so lovingly shared.

  6. Rose, I have read through your work and I must say that I think it is absolutely fantastic! You are one great writer and I really enjoy reading through your writings.
    With love