Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Horizon Blue

and so...

water's waves holding to the light
soaring wings in majestic flight
blue ever a wondrous embrace
holding to heart's loving grace.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

image: waves, Sarah Marie P.


  1. Love is the only holy route,
    Full of friuts from it’s hidden root;
    It is the pure, true heart
    Which loves the other Thou Art!
    Ne’er expects anything in return;
    But show ways by sacrifice and burn
    The candle of kind thought to guide the blind mind,
    Who remains remorse and deserves not yet desires all
    Lest! love is to feel, which is subtle, rustle like dry leaf;
    Ne’er mind about the gossip, ‘O love is gospel, becomes eternal belief.

  2. So beautiful! You capture the beauty of seashore in words and song. Lovely.
    It has been awhile, hope all is well with you!
    Take care.


    So beautiful, calming, freeing, playful, natural and lovely. Just like YOU.

    Love to you
    peace and hope.....

  4. Mahendra Mehta, What a delight to have you here and be gifted by your words. A knowing known - ART - the BEING.

    Love ever on to you,
    Rose Marie

  5. Choices, Welcome - to your visit and Thank You for your words of appreciation. All is well and an overdue visit is in order. Will stop by and leave a hug!

    Much love,
    Rose Marie

  6. Gail, I felt the need to offer a peaceful, yet spirit filled interlude. Gail, set you sails, unfurl your wings, and soar, my dear friend! This the month for your liberation ¸.✶*¨♥.


    Rose Marie