Sunday, July 11, 2010


This ever changing firmament
I lovingly behold
Shades, hues and tones
By the light enfold
Sweeping streaks of colors ephemeral
Etch upon the soul.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Silent Night Rhythm, Watercolor, Skyscapes, Rose Marie Raccioppi,


  1. Hi RoseMarie-

    Oh my - the soothing music surrounding the passionate painting are consuming me - which is good as I try to heal an inflamed knee that is quite painful. I am trying to separate from the debilitating pain and still see the beauty around me of my garden and home and dog and caring husband. Maybe we get these types of things so we can realize ever more fully how loved we are. I know I am appreciating this amazing music and painting so much - "thank you"

    Love Gail

  2. Dearest Gail, There is a frequency that is particularly healing for the knee - it is the keynote of D - cello music is most healing - instinct serves you well my friend. Yes, on to you dear Gail, "peace-hope-healing..... ."