Saturday, June 26, 2010

Waters In Deliverance

This very day ...Hands Across The Sand... and so...

Waters In Deliverance

Heed the call and resounding cry
For all the loss, the tears gone by
Greed and deception devastation and despair
Waters in deliverance I declare
The ravaged ocean the ravaged sea
Cresting waves again again shall implacable be
Your changing tides high and low
To the moon beholden your ebb and flow
With blessings and gratitude so shall we hail
The knowing wise of Nature to prevail.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

The Moon and Waves, Oil on canvas, 2007, George Dmitriev, 1957, Murom, Russia, 1957-.

...and at the close of this day...

It was so important for me to reach out on this one. I am appreciative of the research that shows thought and intention can change the structure of water. We as a world community must go from anger to the embrace of love ~ the highest vibration for healing. Today was filled with a renewed faith in what WE can bring forth. WE are generous of heart, and must identify with one another stepping beyond the greed of corporations, this to be the resounding heartbeat of healing. Such was the spirit brought to this day.

~ may the waters know our care and find the 'knowing' to heal
~ blessing and love ~
~Hands Across the Sands~

Mother Earth's call can no longer be silenced. It is a primal scream,
heard in turbulent, bubbling waters that cry of pillage and plunder.


  1. Such a lovely piece. I wanted to read it outloud over and over again.

  2. Carrie, Thank You ever so much - let is be heard, for it is a resounding plea... Much love to you, Rose Marie

  3. Hi ROseMarie-

    Oh such a powerful image crashing with real words of fear - plea and hope. I am ever so dedicated to our earth's promise and MY promise to the earth. Land - air - and sea.....

    Love to you
    peace and hope and healing

  4. Gail, I posted "...and at the close of this day..." - a statement of gratitude as a post script to the many "Hands Across the Sand."

    May all of humanity regain its vision and its community of heart.

    Love to you and yours,
    Rose Marie