Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Emily Dickinson's Garden ~ The Poetry of Flowers

The New York Botanical Garden
I writing in gratitude
Emily Dickinson's Poetry of Flowers
~recorded in the guest book~

Yours be the word in celebration
Of each bloom of beauty by Creation
With vision and word do you cast
The meaning of gratitude everlast
Colors and hues of splendor sublime
And known be the Praise of the Divine.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Poetry in the Garden, Photo, CAR, Collectible Clicks,©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2010.


  1. That person in the window is me, not knowing that I was being photographed, when writing a dedication poem to Emily Dickinson's Garden ~ Poetry of Flowers ~ at the New York Botanical Garden. I was indeed inspired by all the floral and green splendor and the poetry displayed in complement to nature's offerings.

  2. Rose Marie, you seem to have captured Emily's spirit in your poem and photo. How lovely.

  3. Linda, So pleased to see you here. Thank You. To be in gardens of fanciful flowers and arrays of summer splendor was indeed magical. Do enjoy this post, also inspired by the roses in the garden... APOGEE Poet: Il vento e la rosa ~ The wind and the rose ~ http://apogeepoet.blogspot.com/2010/06/il-vento-e-la-rosa-wind-and-rose-haiku.html