Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun

Form and purpose
limits and freedom
seedling and rooting
bloom and fruit
harvest and gratitude
my life in passion known.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

In Tribute to
Vincent Van Gogh

Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun, 1889, Oil on canvas, Vincent Van Gogh, 1853-1890, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts


  1. Hi Rose Marie

    and I see and feel too the dry times of despair - where hope lies in the seeds yet to come forth and pain drifts in to the wind as old leaves and branches crackle and turn to dust in the sun and wind - only to give way to moisture discovered - water of life - and the promise of change eternal

    Love you

  2. Gail my dearest - you bring such joy to me - your responses are deeply sensitive and gracious. As I read each of your comments, I feel you at my side and the dialogue becomes imbued with life that very moment.

    Thank you dear friend,
    Rose Marie

  3. Between such opposites we find the center of our journey...Very nice one :)

  4. justdoodleit, Yes, within all rests resolution. Thank you for being here.