Thursday, May 13, 2010

Journey of Night

Loss and the beauty of what was
The winds carry the haunting call of past and present
The heart beats the memory, the lament
The soul knows it is the dark and the light
The morning and the noonday gone to the journey of night
The journey of night ever in pursuit of the awakening dawn
To this our life and love belong.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Night Journey, Watercolor, Rose Marie Raccioppi, Skyscapes,


  1. There is a very quiet part of me somewhere deep... and it has been so touched by the fagile beauty and hope in your words.

    Thank you Rose Marie.


  2. Wonderingsoul, "There is a very quiet part of me somewhere deep..." so too, my friend, these echoes of silence within, in word, in brush strokes of color... and so we be known. Love to you, Rose Marie

  3. An awakening dawn indeed set us free from the depths of dark slumber!

  4. justdoodleit, Thank you for meeting the sunrise with me!