Friday, May 28, 2010

17 syllables of gratitude

life given to me
my decision my release
soul and heart set free.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

17 syllables of gratitude
~ Clare ~


  1. Absolutely incredible. I love simplicity.... you nailed it.
    To include this song, which means more to me~ than just about any other.
    A great tribute of love. I feel very emotional reading those words you have written. I love you. Clare

  2. Dearest Clare,

    When I received the link to the video, I was in the midst of many demands. Each agenda item called for attention and immediate response. From what you expressed in your note, I knew that a breather was to include your loving offer. The words, upon the screen, and so beautifully sung, instantly validated all I knew I was meant to BE and do. Ours is a Spirit in knowing shared. And so, I am in gratitude for our loving and knowing friendship.

    Rose Marie