Saturday, February 13, 2010

One and Alone

On this Valentine's Day Eve...

One and Alone

My love in the heavens be
'Tis the moon's light upon the sea
Cresting waves of waters high
Hold the tears of loss gone by
The dawn to awaken ever new
And there in light I with you
One and alone yet not barren of embrace
For in my heart holds our loving grace.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Moon Over Venus, 1909, John B. Spohrer Jr.


  1. Hi ROsemarie-

    Oh such a beautiful image and words to honor love - no longer 'here' but so very real - in heart, mind and soul and in sight as it breathes in to nature all the ripples it has created that have reached lovingly out and so far. It shines in the dark ever still.

    Love to you

  2. Dearest Gail, With all you express it is the poetry of the heart that is heard...Thank You.

    Much love,
    Rose Marie