Saturday, December 12, 2009

Deployment to Iraq

David James

I know but his name
I asked and was told David James
A young husband and father I did hear
I chose to send love and abandon all fear
My prayers for David James this very day
To bring safe keeping all his way
And in my heart I to hold
A vision of safe return ever told.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Rethink Afghanistan War

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  1. Such beautiful sentiments as always to the family of this young soldier.

  2. Hi RoseMarie

    A beautiful tribute, honoring this young soldier. The image and words powerfully blended - and my Dad would call the sky a "war sky".

    Love to you

  3. beautiful sentiments for one so far from home...i too hope and pray he returns safe.

  4. Rose Marie, words cannot express my heartfelt thank you for such a touching tribute for my nephew. Thank you for the prayers and the well-wishes from you and your readers.

  5. Rhonda, When reading your original comment and your reference to your nephew, a deeply felt connection was experienced. I embraced that feeling, knowing the protective power of love and faith were to hold him safe.

  6. Lovely Rose Marie and David James represents so many young men and their families...May they all receive God's blessing this holiest of seasons and always......:-) Hugs

  7. Dearest Bernie, and so shared are our blessings for all. `♥´ Thank you.

  8. Choices, Gail, Brian, Rhonda, Bernie, Let us all create the strongest of intention - TRUTH AND PEACE TO PREVAIL. Blessed be THE WAY.

  9. Spooky when you read what I just wrote. I wish him the best! I hate that we are over there!

  10. Otin, I just read your story. Yes, we do ride the same waves on this one. Thanks for your good wishes. A different story for David James for certain. A story written once and then

  11. I wanted to stop back by and tell you that my nephew read your post and he wanted me to thank you and tell you how nice your thoughts were. I am still so touched by your thoughtfulness.

  12. Rhonda, When a poet's soul is touched, when an inner knowing calls, words of heart be known.
    Love and safe keeping ever to you and yours. Blessing to David James, his beloved wife and son.
    Rose Marie

  13. It's amazing how anonymous the war(s) can be to most people. Once you put a name and a face to it, it becomes real. I try to avoid politics, but I'm very disappointed with both our leaders' choices. Very touching poem Rose Marie.

  14. Rain, Your words so very true. Reading all the headlines, listening to the news, and suddenly what was real was one young father, whose son is but a week old, being deployed to Iraq for one year. For the first year of his life this new child will not be held in the arms of his own father. My prayers, my intention, that David James know Christmas, 2010 as the glorious reunion of son and father and husband.

  15. Rose Marie,
    This is David James mother your words have touched my heart. Thank you so much words can not express my feelings. He left this morning at 3:00am and I am doing alright. His wife and son are also doing well considering the deployment. God is taking care of us all and David should hopefully be back in May for a 2 week leave. Thank you again for your beautiful words.
    Happy Holidays, Sandra Rathburn