Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Vespertine to call
Image of the Infinite
Illume be the dark.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Vespertine, Watercolor, Rose Marie Raccioppi, http://www.apogeeart.com

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  1. Love, love, love that painting - a watercolor?

  2. Hi Rose Marie-

    I love the mystery of the painting and the words, once again - capture it beautifully.
    I feel like an explorer when I embrace it's forever...

    Love Gail

  3. Thank you Bonnie, Yes, it is a watercolor - a moment of night sky.

    Gail, The night opens the door to so many mysteries - a time for the unknown to be revealed, when most is quiet and we can listen to the silence and hear the night's knowing whispers. Yes, Gail ever to explore...

  4. I love the colors of this! Beautiful - absolutely beautiful.

  5. Karen, I know you can feel these colors - you reflect their beauty in so many ways. Thank you Karen.

  6. HI AGAIN -

    We have a sky light directly over our bed - it shows the mystery of the night beautifully and infinitely. I so love to watch the darkness and hear the silence and see the glitter of stars and the haze of a crescent moon. I can see clouds drift and storms stir and snow gently fall above me. This opening in to the sky is one of my most precious gifts. And at night? It is endless in offerings.

    Love Gail

  7. Rose Marie, your watercolor is so beautiful!
    So love the vivid colors!
    Colors to illuminate the night...the mystery of the night!
    You are so talented!


  8. Gail, You hold to horizons new and expansive. A sky light over ones bed - how romantic - you are ever blessed to give the moon, the stars to one another merely by breathing in their glory!

  9. Margie, There have been a number of evenings where the beauty of the sky spoke to both palette and brush. Thank you for enjoying!

  10. Hello Rose Marie, I have popped over as two of my friends follow you and I always enjoy your comments to them. Now that I am here I can really understand why they enjoy your blog so much, your paintings/poetry are absolutely beautiful. I so enjoyed my vist. Thank you for sharing, I will be back...... :-) Hugs

  11. Hello to you Bernie, So pleased you have stopped by. Thank you ever so much for "following." It is always a deep smile when a visit is received. And off to you in cyberspace is a HUG back! I enjoy looking at "happy words" such as HUG to feel the meaning and feel each of its letters. So ...
    H = Humanity
    U = Understanding
    G = Good

    Blessings and cheer,

    Rose Marie