Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let Not Truth Be A Silenced Voice

The airways, the media
Messages of oppression,
War, devastation, despair
A plea, pay note, be aware
So calls each message
Take action
Be not delayed
By the lure of distraction
Act now for your freedoms
Are at stake
By the decisions others
Are in power to make
V for Vendetta, The Matrix
So warns
Man need not be forlorn
In faith
With power
Noble light and deed
Let us again take hold
And live
Freedom's creed
The ravages of suppression
Known and heard
So from the heart of Freedom
Came each word
Declarations so marked
To portray
That man free of oppression
Be the chosen way
In Freedom’s light
And with Freedom’s call
Dignity of expression
A right granted all
And if with doubt
And query new
A forum open
For a challenged view
Hold these words
As Freedom’s choice
Let not TRUTH be a silenced voice.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

The marble figures and fountains on either side of the main portico entrance of the
New York City Public Library Main Branch,
by Frederick MacMonnies, were installed in 1921.

On the right (north) is Truth, a man seated on a Sphinx, the form associated with Wisdom.
Above the figure is an inscription from the Apocrypha (1 Esdras, chapter 3):

YouTube - Matrix
red pill/blue pill


  1. Confessions, Ah intention fulfilled...Thank You - your response so deeply appreciated... have missed you.

  2. Yes, let truth not be silenced and let not freedom be squelched! Excellent writing!

    Time to play "If I Had A Hammer" in memory/honor of Mary.

    And, - Your words should be printed by the millions and dropped out of air planes all over the world in every language/
    Love ail

  4. oops, "ail" is NOT the word I typed, huh. it was suppose to read "you". huh.

  5. Gail, Thank you. I am beset with such a surge of energy - a calling to express and reach out - to voice the words shouting in the silence.

  6. Rose Marie: You rock! Someone has to say it and you do so beautifully. How free are we when truth cannot be heard?

    When I read the poem, I hear that bad choices can be made with the freedom we have, and you are pleading that we not use our freedom to step on the throat of truth.

  7. Bonnie, We in the United States are being met with changes that are not all with purity of intention. With Dollar Profit reigning supreme, quick fixes for quick profit, losing sight of the long range effects of particular actions and policies, veiling the needs for sustainability and well being, have brought a wave of confusion over the populace. I am asking all to WAKE UP. And Yes, "pleading that we not use our freedom to step on the throat of truth."