Friday, August 7, 2009


Within the petal the bloom
Within the leaf the tree
Within the stone the mountain
Within the shell the sea.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Slightly Open Clam Shell, pastel, 1926, Georgia O'Keeffe, 1887-1986.

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  1. Hi Rose Marie-

    Within - the truth. And your painting is so lovely, vulnerable and open to interpretation. I am immediately drawn to the natural essence and sensuality. Innocence delicately expresssed. "Thank you".

    Love to you

  2. Gail, The ultimate willing to receive, bringing forth bloom and new life - the feminine willingness to be life giving... "natural essence and sensuality."

  3. Hi Rose Marie! Very genuine words put together! A reminder to me that I'm rooted to the earth. :)

  4. Rain, "... rooted to the earth," yet you share a soaring spirit!

  5. Hi Rose Marie, just a personal thanks for your comment. I know I'm above it, but it still wounded me a little bit. Time heals everything, I'll rebound! :-)

  6. Hi Rose Marie

    A short and sweet poem with profound meaning.

    Small ideas can lead to big inventions. Baby steps towards our goals can lead us to big achievements. Insignificant tips when pursued vigorously can result extraordinary results.

    So let us look deeper, harder and carefully at ordinary things because hidden inside may lie great truths.

    Well, I tried to decipher the meaning of your fantastic poem.

    Wonderful poem crafted with masterly strokes. The word pictures are fascinating. The photo is amazing and supplements you gorgeous poem beautifully.

    Have a wonderful day Rose:)

  7. Joseph, You bring depth to the community of caring bloggers. I, we, who have the desire to communicate the beauty, the enduring quest, the confront, the resolve, within the past and the present are applauded by your posts and your most thoughtful responses. I and Rain have been blog friends. Your sharing her story is a gift to her as well as to all bloggers. And so to you dear Joseph, a deeply felt Thank You.

  8. I was immediately drawn to the painting, for I knew it was a Georgia O'Keeffe. My most favorite artist. Her painting exhibits beauty, grace, and elegance. As do your words to go with it.
    Take care.

  9. Choice, There is ever a metaphor in the flower and in its presentation by Georgia O'Keeffe. She too, is among my favorite artists.

  10. Truly beautiful!
    Your words give much meaning to the beautiful painting...I too love the work of Georgia O' Keeffe.

  11. Thank-you for inviting me to your place. Beautiful poem. Life with life. Being within being.

  12. Perfect in the way something so direct & concise can be--very memorable.

  13. I often think: that one is my favorite. THIS one is! Beautiful, beautiful!

  14. Margie, a shared HUG for sure!

    Mark, thank you for your visit. I applaud your blog postings. They are deeply reflective, sensitive in their presentation and most sound in their offerings.

    John, Thank you - the discipline of a haiku and that of a quatrain calls for the very result you have defined, "Perfect in the way something so direct & concise can be--very memorable." I so appreciate your comment.

    Karen, Thank you for your uppercase, "THIS." I accept it with DEEP joy!