Saturday, August 1, 2009

Muse Be Summoned

Seduction and passion's plea
Longing and rapture in reverie
Fervor, spirit's luminous flame
Ablaze the soul calls its claim
Rueful reflection sounds its cry
Muse be summoned to answer why
Enfold yourself in the spark of creation
Now and eternal is all revelation
Brush stroke of color upon surfaces vast
Sculpture set by the artist to cast
Carving of stone with the hand divine
Drawing holding grace in shadow and line
The sounding heart and reaching hand
Music, music, echoes of God's command
Flaming heart of love and boundless fire
Know I of grace and incessant desire
Art, music, words in prose, words in rhyme
Playful musings of these passions mine.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Baldassare Peruzzi, 1481-1537, a painter of frescoes in the Cappella San Giovanni in the Duomo of Siena, Muses Dancing with Apollo

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  1. Hi Rose Marie-
    When I read this poem I feel like a mound of clay being molded and colored by a force that I have given myself to willingly and passionately. I am in the hands of another who knows my desire better than I and creates me with a stroke, a color a breath. a lyric and melody. I am sculpted, played, created. I agonize and celebrate, cower and unfold, question and surrender - all the while knowing that love commands and quells my fears.

    Love Gail

  2. Gail, You are so delightfully responsive! I see we are Passion's willing playmates.

    Choices, Spirit does have a way of bringing fire to one's soul.