Friday, August 14, 2009

Le Printemps

Adoration and exaltation sweet
Within my heart ecstasy complete
Rapture be this moment real
Spring Eternal I not conceal.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Le Printemps (The Return of Spring), 1886, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, French academic painter, 1825-1905.

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  1. What a sweet picture of spring! I haven't seen this one, but I shouldn't be surprised that there is more than one with the same title. That is one of the things so wonderful about art -- each of us has his or her individual view of the same thing, and the reader/viewer/listener's interpretation of the piece is as integral to its meaning as is the author/artist/musician's intent.

    You've made me think with this poem and painting. How wonderful! Merci pour le printemps ce matin.

  2. Good morning Rose Marie-

    Oh my - lovely painting that reveals innocence, vulnerability and love abounds. But the poem - is unyielding in intensity as it allows me to relax after I have given in. I am catching my breath having been ravaged. Amazing.
    Love to you

  3. Karen, At such an hour 5:41 - BRAVO - thinking indeed, a most commendable happening! And yes, there are a number of so named paintings.

    Bonnie, yes, yes, yes...

    Gail, I so appreciate your total experience and its expression. Thank you.

  4. Hello Rose Marie! That's a very cheerful poem! I feel that way with the return of autumn actually! :-)

  5. Rain, Each season has its special call. I am a child of Spring, born March 28th.

  6. I'll remember that birthday!!! :)
    I'm a February child, the 20th, but I still am drawn to autumn!!!