Saturday, August 29, 2009

In the Fold of the Muse Divine

The whispers are ever to be heard
in a wind song a voiceless word
In the fold of the muse divine
beyond all space and time
This eternal call of spirit's reach
upon your soul to bequeath
The giving over is the receiving
and real becomes the believing
Known be truth and splendor
to destiny's purpose surrender.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Photograph, White Flower, C.AR, Collectible Clicks, ©Rose Marie Raccioppi 2009.

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  1. "The giving over is the receiving" -- such truth in those words. Beautiful sentiment and reminder for the beginning of a weekend. Thank you.

  2. Karen, There is ever present a smile, a knowing sigh, a deep breath of accord, in our exchange. Thank you for being there and here.

  3. Giving and receiving are ever present in our lives. Sharing together in friendship and love.

  4. Choices, So very much what you too, express so beautifully.

  5. Beautiful image. A whisper in its own right. Is it a cyclamen?

  6. Thank you Mairi and yes, it is a cyclamen. Indeed a metaphoric image with its own expression of its "muse," the hand of the Creator!

  7. What an intriguing image! The verse matches it perfectly. An enjoyable post.

  8. Thank You Dave, I deeply value your responses and appreciate your visits.

  9. Hi Rose Marie-

    Once again, the depth of the vibrant image blended with your poetic words of honest expression touch me intimately. I feel exposed and yet safe - like being with a trusted lover - familiar yet still promising new heights as the truth of the moment unfolds,opens, much like the petals of the painting surrendering to the the secret inside - now in the light. For all it's delicate shadows it is now bright.

    Love Gail

  10. Gail, I smile, I feel the depth of your comments and I thank this moment of life for our accord, our connection, our shared humanity reaching out via cyberspace.

  11. Rose Marie-

    Oh yes, shared humanity indeed. And "thank you" for your wonderful
    day after words" on my post - we are still celebrating today as we prepare our table to share with my Mom and sister in a lovely history of unity and strength - in the back ground? the video of our wedding is playing and I cry and laugh in all the same places. it was far more than a wedding - it was a tribute to love , ours and all of our honored guests.

    I wish you and I could meet Rose Marie. I do wish that.

    Love to you

  12. Gail, I am here in Tappan, New York - a community about 50 minutes from mid Manhattan, NYC. I see from your profile that you are on the East coast - where? Wishes are meant to be fulfilled!

  13. Hi Rose Marie-

    And my son lives in Brooklyn and teaches in the So. Bronx. and I Live in CT, in a town called Guilford - thank you your interest and we shall make wishes come true.

    Love Gail

  14. Rose Marie
    Oh, such lovely words!
    Thank you!
    I always feel so much when I come here!
    It's always good to be here reading your beautiful poetry!


  15. Margie, And I thank you. I too fully enjoy your visits here, as well as my visits to your delightful and so heartfelt offerings.