Monday, August 31, 2009

Heavenly Foray

Radiant, ablaze be the heavenly foray
Spectrum of stars in luminous array
A palette of color, the Creator's Art
From which beauty and grace have their start
Constant and changing be each fervent star
The Presence of Creation known from afar.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Image Credit:
NGC 7822 in Cepheus
Credit & Copyright: Don Goldman

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  1. Hi Rose Mary:)

    Amazing, inspired poem in praise of God's glory.

    Very spectacular photo with dazzling colors and a magnificent poem which is a treat to the heart and soul.

    This poem graphically crafted by you opens up my minds eye to the might, wonder and the inscrutable majesty of our Lord and Master, Creator of Heaven and Earth and all things that live in it.

    Have a wonderful day Rose:)

  2. Truly beautiful, Rose Marie!
    Thank you.

    Here's a poem I wrote a while back.
    Just thought you might enjoy it!

    Hast thou ever watched a starlit sky
    Gazed at those jewels of night?
    Hast thou ever seen one shooting by
    A pure and brilliant light?

    'Tis a wondrous sight my heart dost know
    For I've beheld it of'en and long ...
    And dreamed young dreams with spirit aglow ...
    With lips breathing rapturous song!

    Each star a hope reveals to me
    Of numerous, thrilling things ...
    Of lands afar and sights to see ...
    Each star a message brings.

    One star outshining all the rest
    I call my guiding light ...
    It stirs my depth to all its best ...
    T'will lead my soul aright!


  3. The world is blessed with beauty and grace. Beautifully expressed.

  4. Hi Rose Marie-

    The painting is breath taking - and your words explode the beauty beyond expression. I gasped in delight when I first looked, and sighed in sweet surrender when I read your poem. A beautiful blend of my senses -"thank you"....

    Love Gail

  5. A wonderful poem! You are such a great poet Rose Marie! I love visiting here every day, it makes me smile and your poems are very touching too.

  6. Thank you All!

    Joseph, Your responses are ever a gift. I feel the life you so graciously bring to my words.

    Margie, what greater gift can we give to one another - the wonder, the beauty of star light... your poem, indeed a gift.

    Choices, We are given so very much to share.

    Gail, What absolutely great copy you add! Did you ever consider being a press agent? - you are a natural.

    Rain, Well we have a mutual admiration for sure!