Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Above Earth's Plains

Under the shroud of sleep
Timeless moments
Inner realms dispelling limitation
All pervasive Being
Above Earth's plains
Beyond all mountains
In flight across the heavens
Held not by gravity
Within the burning light
That cannot be contained
The shroud of sleep lifted
And I awakened to time
A vibrant peace
An all sounding silence
I shall descent no more

Into the lower realms
Of deceptive thought.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Astronomy Picture of the Day, Betelgeuse Resolved, Credit: NaCo, VLT, ESO,

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  1. Beautiful, soaring sentiments to match the wonders you behold. I love the last lines -- the realms of deceptive thought - yes, too often we spend our time there.

  2. Karen, Once again our posts speak to oone another - the night indeed...


    The darkness will not be silenced
    it calls out
    and the light hears its cry.

  3. I have to say, I like the comment you made here Rose Marie, that the light hears the darkness' cry! Sometimes it does take what seems like an eternity, but the light always shines through! Beautiful poem and photograph!!!

  4. Good Morning Rose Marie-
    Oh the supposed escape of sleep, only to awaken to a blinding truth that echoes loudly. And because truth allys with the universe it permeates every movement and sound and sight - it all becomes one and it cannot be contained. Sleep is the deception in of itself - as I dream of what I wished never was and awaken to what is - I am both paralyzed and energized.

    Love to you

  5. Such beautiful words and picture. Behold the darkness as we dream. The morning sun brings in the light, to bring peace and energy to the soul.

  6. How beautiful your words are in this poem!
    I especially loved...

    And I awakened to time
    A vibrant peace
    An all sounding silence
    I shall descend no more
    Into the lower realms
    Of deceptive thought

    Blessings to you, Rose Marie


  7. Rain, and most certainly "the light always shines through" ... you are very much a model of this statement!

    Gail, Thank you for such a vibrant response.

    Choices, yes, slumber is indeed sweet when light brings a new awakening.

    Margie, Thank you - your visits are themselves blessings.