Sunday, June 7, 2009

Upon My Paper

Warming sun and soft winds upon my face

The sky above in eternal splendor and infinite grace
Hues of primrose enfold luminous waves of light
Strokes of color lambent upon my paper fill the night.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Winds of Summer, Watercolor, 2003, Rose Marie Raccioppi,

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  1. Karen, It was a captivating sky - its image held in Praise.

  2. I spent the afternoon at a show of pastel landscapes, all atmosphere and colour, rather like this. A real pleasure. Nice to see you on Poetry Sunday.

  3. Thanks Mairi - your visit is appreciated.

  4. And I love the paintings too!

  5. Thanks Catherine, happy for our connection!

  6. Lovely poem & a lovely painting with it-- sorry I didn't get here sooner to read & see this. Things have been hectic.

  7. John, Just happy that you stopped by. I appreciate the demands upon time. You are ever appreciated.