Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All Known

In this late afternoon summer day sun
towering above this old oak tree
sunlight upon rustling leaves
and so the sway of shadow and light
Trunk bold and erect
giving to branches high and wide
this mighty oak of many a year
A palette of glistening and deep green
hues above me
and to the West
a sky of clear blue
All known to time and beauty
And to this late afternoon summer day sun.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

All Known, Oak Tree Canopy Photograph, Collectible Clicks©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2009

All Known, Rose Marie Raccioppi, THE WIND AND THE WILLOW, Publish America, June, 2008.

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  1. "Sunlight upon rustling leaves"....this and the photo remind me of lovely childhoods past. There is a sense of purity and lightness in this poem. A wonderful gift after a long day. Thank you.

  2. Rainbow, It was looking up to the canopy that I too was reminded of all the wonder I felt as a young girl - it was rekindled. Thank you for knowing.

  3. Oh Rose, thank you for the beautiful poetry. I would love to be sitting under this tree right now, escaping from the summer heat.

  4. Rhonda, I most certainly enjoyed my visit to your seaside post - enjoyed a wave of poetic inspiration.

  5. Rose Marie - I do, indeed, see the same sense of worship and wonder in this poem, inspired by the majesty the same! Great minds, you know... ;-)

    Thanks for directing me here.